Peluso orthodontics


What to expect:

  • Your first visit is very easy!
  • First we will collect some general information from you.
  • You will then meet Dr. Peluso or Dr. Chris.
  • They will perform an examination of your teeth and bone structure to decide if orthodontic treatment is right for you.
  • Some times the doctors may request to take an x-ray to evaluate teeth that have not yet erupted.
  • If at that point you and the doctors decided to proceed to the next step, records will be taken.

What are records:

  • Records are a series of procedures that allow the Dr’s to gather important information concerning your treatment.
    • Radiographs: Three types of x-rays are taken to evaluate your teeth and the relationship of your jaws to your teeth and head.
    • Impression:  An imprint created of your teeth that allows the Dr’s to make plaster models. The models are used to evaluate your teeth and bite while your not there.
    • Photographs: Several pictures will be taken of your teeth and face.

Conference Appointment:

  • Two weeks after records are taken you will meet with a treatment coordinator to discuss your treatment plan and finances.


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